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Youtong Zheng (郑又通)

I am an atmospheric scientist at GFDL/AOS program of Princeton University. I study clouds,  a complex system that is adaptive, resilient, self-organized, multi-scale, and filled with emergent properties. I am interested in many aspects of clouds including (1) the vertical air motions that form and maintain the clouds; (2) their underlying surfaces that feed moisture, energy, and mass to them; (3) their interactions with aerosols, the tiny particles suspended in the atmosphere, upon which cloud droplets form; and (4) how they respond and feed back to the large-scale meteorology. I use whatever tools that are appropriate to solve the problem: observations (satellite and experiments), theory (simple ones that capture the "coarse-grain" behavior), and numerical models (large-eddy model and GCM). 


I enjoy watching all kinds of sports (soccer, MMA, basketball, table tennis ...) although I am good at none of them. 


See the story about me in the DOE/ARM news. 


​Research interest

  • Boundary layer and cloud dynamics

  • Clouds and climate

  • Aerosol-cloud interactions

Cloud image of the day 


Source: Worldview

Date: Jan 14, 2021